2015-09-30 01:32:08 by IDontKnowCorp

A short inspirational video for all you out there going through hard times, I hope this helps.

Well geeze It's been a while. But it's okay, I just finished a musical mixtape and put it up on my wildly popular youtube channel. In all seriousness though, I'm super happy with it and hope you enjoy it too.

If you enjoy it, you can download it off my other NG account here:

Also, still planning on finishing Dr Lawyer 3. I was seperated from my tablet a little while back and only recently was unseperated. So that's a thing.

Inky Blots

2014-09-04 08:21:32 by IDontKnowCorp

I made movie about ducks and ink or something


Book Soap

2013-11-18 05:04:44 by IDontKnowCorp

I made a thingy, it's about soap and books


2013-09-10 00:04:34 by IDontKnowCorp


Dr L finale/ep 3 is underway... will be a bit though

Oh hello again

2013-02-18 18:33:40 by IDontKnowCorp

How are we doing? Fantastic? good? marginally acceptable?

Just a holla at mah home boy Mike da' Alien Man from da' internet, and another shameless self advertisement for our webcomic.

Also, Also, I've started, like JUST BARELY, started work on episode 3. Check out this NEWGROUNDS EXCLUSIVE screenshot from the upcoming feature of the year world winner 2030 expostravaganzapalooza bash

Oh hello again

Hello Again

2012-10-16 00:24:18 by IDontKnowCorp

There's some sweet action afoot, ladies and gentlemen and ladies.

A good 'ol buddy o' pal o' mine, and fellow newgroundian, Edgar, and I have recently rebooted a webcomic we left on hiatus about a year ago.

If for some strange reason you enjoy some of the stuff i make, you might also like this :D he-men-who-pt-1/

Also, also, I AM working on Episode 2 of Dr L., but it is gonna be a while

Hello Again


2012-09-09 23:23:06 by IDontKnowCorp




2009-07-26 00:47:12 by IDontKnowCorp

Felt like adding a news post for the sake of having something on my channel besides my single submission.

listening to "Donkey Riding" by The Great Sea. For those looking for something new, try some Canadian folk music. You can never go back to Ukrainian kobza music.